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I am SO EXCITED!!! {Austin Family Photographer}

I have my own I-Phone APP!! And you can get it for free! Just go to the app store and search for “masonphoto” (all one word). Or go here on itunes: itms://

There is a daily photo, plus you can reach my site or facebook with a single click, book appointments on your phone AND there is even a request for a personal page! Where I can upload photos of YOUR family for you to show off on your phone! HOW COOL IS THIS??
Oh, did I mention there is a place for announcements and SPECIALS? Yes, I’ll have specials JUST for my iphone peeps. Okay, well, they’ll be for everyone, but the iphone (or itouch) peeps will see it first! But only if you download the app!
Download the app, show me at your next session, and we have a special gift for you 🙂
Here is a peek at what it looks like today – the dailypic will change, well, daily!

Happy downloading!!

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